Edamame snacks!

I’m not a big cook, but this is one of my favorite healthy snacks (and of the only ones I know how to cook LOL). This is a step to step of how to make your edamames for a healthy treat after lunch, at nigth or anytime your hungry.

What do you need?

  • Frozen edamames, you can buy this at any chinese food store or organic market. I actually just know two places where you can get it: there’s Gourmet Center zona 10 & the chinese store which name I don’t remember at Cayala! Take note: this veggie is often hard to find in a regular store.
  • Some salt
  • & Soy sauce (if you like it)

How to cook them?

image3 (1)


Boil some water



image4 (1)


Add the frozen edamames you’ll eat

And add them some salt if you like

Wait 10-15 minutes and then touch them to see if they’re soft  *be careful

image5 (1)


Drop the water and put them in a bowl, add some soy sauce







*ORGANIC, if you could find some organic not stored edamames, or even grow them yourself that would be great.




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