New Year’s Organic Detox!!

After the holidays we all need a mentally and physically detox

So this are my tips for a new year’s restart:


  • Organic detox tea

This is a larger commitment for your body you gotta take your tea 4-5 times a day, eat healthy (I’m not a nutritionist or an expert on health but I highly recommend you don’t stop eating just to do it healthier while on the detox) try some gluten free stuff they really stop the cravings.



  • Get to the gym right this moment

While on the detox I don’t recommend your ordinary rutine if its a hardcore one, but a lighter one with some cardio is perfect, don’t push too hard on yourself because you’re weak



  • List your priorities

New Year goals

Changing your daily routine

Learning a new language or a new sport

Take a time to renew your and cleanse your inside vibes



Where you can buy detox teas


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