Tips for keeping your ORGANIC routine!

Getting through the week is hard when you are busy whether it is with school, work or whatever you do. Its very easy to get behind your organic diet & keep it outside your house, so what are the tips?

  • First of all you’ve got to relax, if you eat something thats not organic once in a while it wont kill you. (believe me!)

  • Find organic snacks you can take anywhere (this is a very practical tip). Buy lots of snacks like granola bars, dry fruit packages, fruit pudding or anything thats size friendly on your bags or purses.

  • When you go partying, this is the hardest, not lots of places have organic alcohol drinks so I recomend this: if youre going out & you have a really strict organic diet drink at home. Read below on Organic Drinks for some organic alcohol drinks or how to make your own.

  • Sometimes in the week you get bored of your water, healthy smoothies or organic shakes so make some organic juices to take everywhere or to drink at home. Read on Organic Drinks for some homemade drinks.


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