Practical Vegan?

9781257584857_p0_v1_s192x300Guys I’m obsessed with my new book it’s called “Practical Vegan”im not actually a vegan but im very interested in maybe becoming one & I’ve started researching all about it. Veganism seems like a journey, a lifestyle, a philosophy and It may seem like a very hard one, which I guess it is, I havent eaten red meat for 3 years of my life and I have to confess there’s been times when ive eaten jam or stuff I have actually liked. And its hard because its your body, your life, your health of mind. So the thought it’s always there and I can’t help it anymore doesn’t matter what it is I always regret it immediately. So choosing to be vegan is way I’ve been avoiding. I think im almost ready. Becoming Vegan seems a little like a lot of crap for some people and maybe it is. But when you chose in your mind something you can’t change it, you just become it and you cant help it. This book has helped me a lot to understand into vegan people minds, reasoning and dedication to this great lifestyle. 

So if you’re looking to get a little more information into a Vegan person’s world and lifestyle, I recommend Practical Vegan its a great and realistic diary book.

Love, Pilar.

Think green, think ORGANIC.



F*ck GMO’S!

maxresdefaultGuys I’ve become obsessed with GMOs, I’m a real Netflix & chill fan and I also love to research everything that concerns food, your health or weird interesting things. I think I’m a little late to this tale but I’m sure many of you don’t even know what this is. 

Well here I am to explain to you what GMOs are, where they are and how you can avoid them the most you can.

What is a GMO?

A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal, microorganism or other organism whose genetic makeup has been modified using recombinant DNA methods (also called gene splicing), gene modification or transgenic technology. This relatively new science creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.”  what-is-a-gmo

I know it sound very confusing but it is what is, it’s a food that you put in your body which has been genetically modified so we can say it’s not actually “natural”or original. I also thought that when my food was organic it also came with a natural origin, but in fact what it is and how it is grown are two separate stories. What it is can be a natural being or modified seed or animal and How it is grown can be organic or with pesticides. So what now? Food that’s organic doesn’t automatically mean it is GMO free, there’s lots of food that are GMO free but not organic. So how can we combine both? It’s a hard thing I have to say but I think you have to try to find both in the things that you eat the MOST. And those things that are sometimes hard to find organic you can at least find them GMO free.


Genetic modification its something that affects many of the products that we consume daily, it doesn’t matter if they are organic. So be on the look out guys, its important to know what we put in our bodies and to have the right to know whether they have been modified from its DNA or not. 

Happy Non GMO month!!

Visit to learn all about living a NON GMO lifestyle.
Stay GREEN, Love P.

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I’m back!!

Hey it’s me and i’m back!

colors_of_our_hearts__by_lifelikesuicide-d4bl3lnI’d like to come back with this new controversial subject that has been tickling my mind the past weeks and months I may say. Who we are          (big pause)

I know no one likes to say it out loud but i’ll say it, im a very open minded kind of person. I like and TRY specially to like and care about people for who they are and what positives vibes they bring me and NOT for what they look, believe or rule their life by. It’s a very hard think to do I have to say, it’s a daily process, learning to love, respect and try to understand all of those who don’t think like I do. Those who don’t appreciate life however it comes. I just wanna send this to the world, to the space, to the cosmic stars. LIVE & LET LIVE. LOVE IS LOVE you guys, trust me. Nothing else matters but happiness.

BE HAPPY, LOVE AND LEARN. BE WHO YOU ARE, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT BE Your truly unique special and none like other self.


, Lots of love