I’m back!!

Hey it’s me and i’m back!

colors_of_our_hearts__by_lifelikesuicide-d4bl3lnI’d like to come back with this new controversial subject that has been tickling my mind the past weeks and months I may say. Who we are          (big pause)

I know no one likes to say it out loud but i’ll say it, im a very open minded kind of person. I like and TRY specially to like and care about people for who they are and what positives vibes they bring me and NOT for what they look, believe or rule their life by. It’s a very hard think to do I have to say, it’s a daily process, learning to love, respect and try to understand all of those who don’t think like I do. Those who don’t appreciate life however it comes. I just wanna send this to the world, to the space, to the cosmic stars. LIVE & LET LIVE. LOVE IS LOVE you guys, trust me. Nothing else matters but happiness.

BE HAPPY, LOVE AND LEARN. BE WHO YOU ARE, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT BE Your truly unique special and none like other self.


, Lots of love





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