What else comes with an ORGANIC lifestyle?

We all know It’s all about eating healthy, your fruits & veggies. I’m not saying NEVER eat junk food but when you eat healthy you feel good physically and mentally, switching from chips to edamames for example is a way to make a snack fun. My suggestion is save your cheats for things you really love like a good piece of chocolate cake or your fav pasta at a restaurant.

But with healthy it also comes your body and your mind…

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image2Why I chose Organic?

I started with a non-red meat eating lifestyle. I never really loved red meat and after a traumatic experience with -dead cows- at school I decided to take my dislike into my diet. My sister is a nutritionist and she got me into the healthy world so I started exploring the healthy lifestyle and found out about organic food and got a lot interested into being green and giving back to the world. I started going to the farmers market and got a lot more involved with people on the inside. Going to the supermarket and founding out that we have the healthier and greener choices but we just got to choose the lifestyle.

So choose it, not for the trend or to be “cool” but because you want to live a healthier lifestyle for yourself and for the world. Don’t label yourself into any category just the healthy one, that’s what I do!!

-Pilar Arriola

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